Sāṁkhya Yoga Course
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300 hour

Sāṁkhya Yoga Course

The intention of this course is to alter your perception and the nature of your thought process for a traditional phenomenology for examination (parikṣa) of characteristics (lakṣana) to allow a proper format for traditional diagnostics in Yoga Therapy, Āyurveda and Jyotiṣa. Learning the language of Sāṁkhya enhances what we observe and how to observe which thereby increases our mindfulness and power of observation. This leads to better skills for noticing imbalances and recommending practices to bring harmony.

  1. Overview of Sāṁkhya and the outline of the course (10 hours)
  2. Overview of the ṣaḍdarśana and the darśana time period (5 hours each = 35 hours)
    [core texts & authors, modern texts and philosophers, core tenants, special focus on elements different from saṁkhya]
    1. Nyāya
    2. Vaiśeṣika
    3. Sāṁkhya (as a darśana)
    4. Mīmāṁsā
    5. Yoga
    6. Vedānta & Buddhism (on related Sāṁkhya connections) & Chārvāka-Lokāyata
  3. Practical application of Sāṁkhya (20+hours)

    Creation process, guṇas, tattva, and tanmātras, Buddhi, mahat, ahaṁkāra, asmita, and ahamtva

  4. Sāṁkhya Kārikā and Sāṁkhya-Pravachana Sūtra (75 hours)

    Textual study of root Sanskrit texts and discussion upon them

    Clarification of terminology and discernment of concepts

  5. Comparison of different Sāṁkhya traditions and alternative formats (20 hours)

    Types of classical Sāṁkhya

    Charaka Saṁhitā

    Mahābhārata & Purāṇa variations

    Bhagavata Sāṁkhya and the 25 tattvas

    Saiva Tantra and the 36 tattvas