Yoga and Trauma
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Yoga and Trauma Program

The impact of trauma and learning how to cater Yoga to populations that suffer from trauma is a major movement in the yoga therapy world. Our trauma training program studies the most recent research and the most traditional Āyurvedic teachings on trauma.

Core curriculum topics:

  • Guṇa and the Polyvagal System
  • Resilience in Āyurveda
  • Study of modern ACE score research
  • Trauma according to Āyurveda
  • Precautions for Yoga and Trauma
  • Yoga protocols for complex trauma
  • Yoga protocols for Yoga for PTSD
  • Meditation practices and precautions

Below is a video of core faculty, Freedom Cole, lecturing on his research on trauma in Āyurveda and Yoga at the 2019 National Āyurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) Conference.