Yoga Psychology
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300 hour

Yoga Psychology Program

This is our second level course and requires the foundation in Samkhya.

Mental health is discussed both within an Āyurvedic and Allopathic format. This allows practitioners to have a modern understanding to interact with western mental health professionals, while having a traditional understanding of the mind for Yoga Therapy. We discuss Yoga and Āyurveda for anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, obsessive compulsive disorders, personality disorders, pain management, and suicide.

Core curriculum topics:

  • Primary states of consciousness (avasthatraya)
  • Guṇa and the nervous system
  • Guṇa and relationship
  • Guṇa diagnostics
  • Resilience according to Āyurveda
  • Four types of meditation for mental health
  • Prāṇāyāma and dhāraṇa
  • Traditional affective system (navarasa)
  • Vedic Archetypes and karma upaya
  • Developmental theory in Yoga and Āyurveda