“Currently, the science of treatment development is largely stuck, because most research funding is focused on basic mechanisms, correlations, neuroimaging studies, and epigenetics, while there’s virtually no federal research funding available to investigate truly innovative treatments. Only the most easily protocolized treatments, like CBT, prolonged exposure, medications, and EMDR, have been thoroughly researched. Interestingly, though medications have been shown, over and over again, to be only marginally helpful for PTSD, they keep being prescribed to the tune of billions of dollars per year. In contrast, somatic therapies, such as sensorimotor psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing, haven’t been thoroughly researched for their efficacy, nor has hypnosis, which for about a century was widely regarded as the treatment of choice for PTSD. There’s also little “hard” evidence for Internal Family Systems therapy, or neurofeedback, even though many clinicians who specialize in the treatment of traumatized individuals consider these among the most effective treatments currently available.”
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