samkhya course section 2

Overview of the six systems


Nyāya sutra 

Gautama’s Nyāyasūtras, with Vātsyāyana-Bhāṣya by Ganganatha Jha

The Nyaya-sutra: Selections with Early Commentaries by Mathew Dasti and Stephen Phillips

The Yoga of Reasoning: Soteriology & Spiritual Practice in the Nyāyabhāṣya and the recording

2 Vaiśeṣika

3 Sāṁkhya (as a darśana)

4 Mīmāṁsā

5 Yoga

Towards Knowing Ourselves: Classical Yoga Perspective (pp. 111-116)

6 Vedānta

Buddhism (on related Sāṁkhya connections)

Why Didn’t Siddhartha Gautama Become a Sāṃkhya Philosopher, After All?

& Chārvāka-Lokāyata


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